Posting Extreme Pleasure

As I was reposting a few craigslist ads as I woke up early this am,  I stumbled upon an ad for “not tame extreme horniness.”

I reposted it and got a hot 29 y o  to invite me over for a dark room anon scene in a seedy neighborhood in the city.  Fuck it was hot as I found him ass up and lubed and fucked the hell of him.  then ate his ass and fucked him some more.  We weren’t satisfied until i shot all over his hole and fucked it in.  I dont have evidence and didn’t complete a new cum challenge.  


Have a great weekend.  More sex is lined up for tonight.   

Craving Cum and Tampering Condoms

I have learned to accept my role as a horny fucking barebacker.  If I can find a fuck in the morning, afternoon, and then again in the evening. then I am there giving and taking loads. 

I don’t care if the man is safe only or barebacks.  I get my holes barebacked with proper preparation and tampered condoms and quick hand maneuvering

Loads to account for every Day

Today was a fucking good day.  Went for my three month PrEP screening, and I am hiv neg.  Other std test results back next week sometime.  

So with negative results, in hand, I went out and got fucked by one hot bud that is partnered, and then this afternoon by a new bi wm that is engaged.  Two loads of cum in about 6 hours and I shot once being fucked.  Very nice! 


Weekend Loads – Used Like a Slut

The Deep Freeze is over and Wisconsin men are getting their game on and their rocks off! 

This past weekend was filled with 6 loads of cum between Friday Evening and Monday Morning.  Boy, do i feel empowered for the new work week. 

The best of the cocks was the 8.5 inch thick black cock from a married guy that loves to get fucked and i got him to fuck me and fuck it in deep!  Ouch !    or was it the guy that came Sunday night and was 25 and hefty.  He fucked and as I said let’s do that again sometime.  I could tell that it wouldn’t be anytime soon.  I felt used and a quite the Slut!  Ave Lust! 


A week of Fun and a Weekend of Lust feed with a Cabal

This was a great week of fucking and filled with Lust!  

I will post soon.  Briefly.  i was fucked Thursday afternoon in a quickie by a Milwaukee County bus driver. Uniform and all.  HOT.  Big Black Cock BBC it was long and loosened me up just a bit more than you would think.  

It was great that the Cabal was a success and very fun!  That was Friday Night.  

Then empowered with Lust from the Cabal.  I took up a bud for a group play arriving after I left the Cabal Hotel.  

The group wasn;t a success two guys that I had played with before.  One fucked me with a condom and then the other fucked me bare.  

I love bbrts bec. it tells you which horny men will fuck bare even if they say safe only.  


Obsession of Lust and Men: Cocks, Asses, and Cum

I am obsessed with find men to play with, and this morning before work I managed to find two both encouraged from Craigslist. One I believe to be neg and the other poz although I have no confirmation as I practice dont ask dont tell. Of course if you ask me I am hiv neg and ddf ; no stds and clean. What more does a lust filled guy want to hear and feel “comfortable” in proceeding to either stick it in and get it placed inside their happy asses. Lately I ve been playing the anon and treat me like a cumslut bitch role. today was a 29 y o blond blue eyed fucker top that force me to suck him at the door and lead me around to the bedroom where I sucked and rimmed and played with his balls. I was then turned over forced to slobber over his dick and then he stuck it on with no lube. I spit lubed my ass myself and he added to it and my ass did the rest as he was fucking me; my ass juices started to flow and lube his cock. He came silently and i am sure it was at the point that I was thinking and talking to Lucifer. I saved my cum and this user didn’t care if I came or not; The Fucker! I was timing my next fuck and wanted to cum with the 2nd guy so that I would be extra hard and horny swimming with the first load tightly sealed in my ass. I am doing Kresel (sp) exercises to keep my ass muscles and holes tight. These exercises are straight forward you clench as though to stop flow or hold back a bowel movement for 5 seconds and then release. do this 10 times with a relax of 10 or so seconds between holds. I do it in the car ; as I dont text and it gives me a fun sexual thing to do while keeping my hands on the wheel! Fun Fun Fun and now I have two night to get another load or two. I ll let you know. ;-) AVe Lust! I ve been bitten by the Lust Bug and I am enjoying the infection it has given me to continue and continue. 365 loads this year at two a day i ll be done in the summer. Any volunteers? !! Hail Lucifer!