Updates on Bareback Adventures

Now many of you know that despite the lack of posting to my blog that I have been far from inactive when it cums to getting and giving bareback pleasure with my lust filled body. Today and Tonight I will bring my blog a new life and vigor and share some of the adventures me and my phallus have been enjoying this past summer and fall.
Always practicing what i have learned from the Temple of Cum and College of Lust, I find that my bareback sex is more intense and more often than it otherwise would be. Hail Satan begins all my adventures as I set the mood in my mind and my body for the sequence of events that I encounter with any particular man that I am trick with, whether it is an anonymous fuck like the load that I took last night from the bbc or a regular married man friend(s), that started with condoms and now are barebacking me regularly. They all succoumb. ūüėČ

Thanks for reading and following my adventures in Lust! Hail Lucifer for the Demons and Angels that he sends my way to do or assist me. Ave Lust!

Posting Extreme Pleasure

As I was reposting a few craigslist ads as I woke up early this am, ¬†I stumbled upon an ad for “not tame extreme horniness.”

I reposted it and got a hot 29 y o ¬†to invite me over for a dark room anon scene in a seedy neighborhood in the city. ¬†Fuck it was hot as I found him ass up and lubed and fucked the hell of him. ¬†then ate his ass and fucked him some more. ¬†We weren’t satisfied until i shot all over his hole and fucked it in. ¬†I dont have evidence and didn’t complete a new cum challenge. ¬†


Have a great weekend.  More sex is lined up for tonight.   

Craving Cum and Tampering Condoms

I have learned to accept my role as a horny fucking barebacker.  If I can find a fuck in the morning, afternoon, and then again in the evening. then I am there giving and taking loads. 

I don’t care if the man is safe only or barebacks.¬† I get my holes barebacked with proper preparation and tampered condoms and quick hand maneuvering

Loads to account for every Day

Today was a fucking good day.  Went for my three month PrEP screening, and I am hiv neg.  Other std test results back next week sometime.  

So with negative results, in hand, I went out and got fucked by one hot bud that is partnered, and then this afternoon by a new bi wm that is engaged.  Two loads of cum in about 6 hours and I shot once being fucked.  Very nice! 


Weekend Loads – Used Like a Slut

The Deep Freeze is over and Wisconsin men are getting their game on and their rocks off! 

This past weekend was filled with 6 loads of cum between Friday Evening and Monday Morning.  Boy, do i feel empowered for the new work week. 

The best of the cocks was the 8.5 inch thick black cock from a married guy that loves to get fucked and i got him to fuck me and fuck it in deep!¬† Ouch !¬†¬†¬† or was it the guy that came Sunday night and was 25 and hefty.¬† He fucked and as I said let’s do that again sometime.¬† I could tell that it wouldn’t be anytime soon.¬† I felt used and a quite the Slut!¬† Ave Lust!¬†